5 Creative Uses for Wallpaper in Your Apartment

For a long time I lamented the fact that wallpaper, one of the most vibrant, unique, and efficient ways to change a space couldn’t be utilized by me, a lowly renter. It wasn’t until I was perusing Home Depot with a friend one day that I came across a roll of fabulous wallpaper I couldn’t live without. I don’t know what got into me, but I bought it, determined to find a use for it.

And I did. We had an old garage sale coffee table we kept repainting, that kept chipping, and kept getting repainted and we absolutely needed to do something with it. I googled “wallpapering a cofee table,” and lo-and-behold, I found the perfect tutorial. And so, my love affair with wallpaper began.


Our freshly-wallpapered coffee table.

1. This is the tutorial I found, and it’s gotten even more popular since then. With some wallpaper, Modpodge, a clear finish, and a little patience it’s an incredibly simple upgrade. We bought some upholstery tacks online to complete the look:


Unfortunately, our flimsy, second-hand coffee table only lasted us about six months with a toddler who loves to climb. RIP, beautiful. We don’t even have room for a coffee table anymore, so I’ll be using the rest of this list to help get rid of the roll we have left!


Photo from Kelly Sue DeConnick / Flicker

2. Use it to line the back of a bookshelf.


Photo from Blue Eyed Yonder

3. Use it to line drawers.


Photo from Pure Home

4. Frame it for easy, chic artwork.


Photo from BHG

5. Follow the directions at BHG.com to cover an old headboard with wallpaper.