Q&A with Chrissy Jensen of Domestica


Chrissy Jensen

I sat down with Chrissy Jensen of Des Moines’ “indie-handmade” store, Domestica. The 46-year-old business owner and mastermind shares what drives her, inspires her, and a few tips for spicing up small spaces.

DR: How would you describe your business?
CJ: We call it an indie-handmade store. Just more modern and cool than a craft fair, not that there’s anything wrong with craft fairs. Everything in here is handmade by somebody, that’s kind of our shtick. Besides butter nailpolish, which we carry.

DR: What inspired you to start your business?
CJ: I used to be a photo stylist, and I’ve always been into decor and finding new things to use. I was already really involved in the handmade community and I just liked the idea of having that all in Des Moines.

DR: What was your biggest challenge in decorating your the store?
CJ: Originally, we only had 400 sq feet, but now we’ve added a second room and have 800 sq feet, which is still a really small space. There aren’t a lot of walls and we have a lot of prints and posters, so it’s a challenge for sure.

DR: Would you call prints your specialty?
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