Affordable Art for Your Apartment

Affordable Art

Affordable Art by hilaryabrahamson on Polyvore

Etsy is one of my favorite places to look for affordable wall art. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you’re doomed to plain white walls. Above are three of my favorite picks from Etsy’s art section, all under $20.

1. Breaking Bad Poster from ArchiveFilmPosters: Movie and TV posters are so cliche, I know. The beautiful thing about Etsy is that you can rep your favorite stuff without looking tacky. As Jesse Pinkman would say: This poster is the bomb, bitch!

2. Vintage Forbidden Fruit Poster from PJsVintageVariety: I love this because it’s kitschy and… Yeah. I just love kitschy things. The colorful print and cheeky jam message makes it perfect for the kitschen (ba-dum-chh)! This is the only one I’ve listed that comes sans frame, so be sure to pick up a poster frame on the cheap to keep things classy. Scotch tape is a no-go for these beauties.

3. More Issues Than Vogue Poster from WilliamsPrints: This might be the chicest way to let somebody you know you’re considering therapy. Seriously though. Fashionable, funny, and affordable? Sign me up!


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