Organizing Small Spaces: Closet Cleaning Tips

Living in minimal space means you honestly shouldn’t keep anything unless you absolutely need to. I recently underwent a wardrobe clean out. Eminem had no trouble cleaning out his closet, but my fellow fashionista/os may struggle a bit. Here’s a quick list to help you make the process easier.


Photo: Flickr/Monika Bota

1: Go over everything in your closet. Everything. Throw out anything that’s ripped or stained beyond repair, and be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to take the time to fix.

2: Try on the rest of your clothes. If they don’t fit your body or your personality, don’t keep them. Seriously. It will only make you feel bad about yourself. One exception is if you know weight gain or loss is only temporary, for instance during and after pregnancy, a surgery, a stressful few months, or holidays. If you haven’t fit into the clothes for over a year, it’s a pretty safe that even if it does fit later, you’ll have already replaced it.

3: Some things are worth keeping. If it’s super sentimental, go ahead. Limit this to only a few items. I have a problem with hoarding free t-shirts. Seriously, I will never wear these. I’ve started using them to stuff my boots and bags during off seasons. My bags keep their shape, and I get to keep my hideous t-shirt collection.

4: Don’t throw them away. Try consigning your clothes, or even better, donating. There is nothing more tragic than throwing away excess when somebody else in your city struggles with not having enough.

5: When you put your clothes back in your closet, put the clothes hanger backwards. Next time you go through your stash of clothes, it will be easy to spot what clothes you never wear.


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