Stylish Storage Solutions

I don’t need to tell you that storage space is limited in apartments, but what I might need to tell you is this: Get your shit together. Literally and figuratively. Don’t leave that stuff strewn all over your apartment because you don’t know where to put it, and don’t shove it all away in an ugly plastic tote. There is a way to store your stuff without sacrificing style! Here are five of my favorite stylish storage picks (all under $50, because I’m broke).

Stylish Storage
1. Leather Storage Ottoman,, $44: Ottomans work great for resting your feet, holding magazines and coffee table books, and using as spare seating. Getting an option with hidden storage is a great way to store old books, blankets, Snuggies, whatever.
2. Decorative Bins,, $24: Organize your hair products, socks, Tupperware, and more with these cute baskets. I know decorating your closet seems a little bit intense, but didn’t your mother always tell you how important it is to be beautiful on the outside and the inside?
3. Under Bed Storage,, $16.97: Start keeping things under your bed. Seriously, it’s one of the most under utilized spaces. Even if nobody looks underneath your bed (which they might, who knows!) you will sleep well knowing your out of season shoes are sitting pretty.
4. Clothes Hamper,, $24.99: Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to hide your clothes hamper in under 900 square feet. It probably won’t fit in your closet, and maybe not even in your bathroom. If you’re stuck displaying your dirty clothes in your bedroom (or worse, your hallway) at least make sure it’s pretty, and a lid is a must. Nobody wants to see your dirty underwear.
5. Toilet Paper Canister,, $8: Do you know why only grandmothers are smart enough to use toilet paper canisters? Because it takes most people decades to realize you should a) store toilet paper within close reach, and b) it looks tacky stacked on the back of your toilet. Get a sleek, affordable canister to sit by your throne and look wise beyond your years.

Organizing Small Spaces: Closet Cleaning Tips

Living in minimal space means you honestly shouldn’t keep anything unless you absolutely need to. I recently underwent a wardrobe clean out. Eminem had no trouble cleaning out his closet, but my fellow fashionista/os may struggle a bit. Here’s a quick list to help you make the process easier.


Photo: Flickr/Monika Bota

1: Go over everything in your closet. Everything. Throw out anything that’s ripped or stained beyond repair, and be honest with yourself about what you’re willing to take the time to fix.

2: Try on the rest of your clothes. If they don’t fit your body or your personality, don’t keep them. Seriously. It will only make you feel bad about yourself. One exception is if you know weight gain or loss is only temporary, for instance during and after pregnancy, a surgery, a stressful few months, or holidays. If you haven’t fit into the clothes for over a year, it’s a pretty safe that even if it does fit later, you’ll have already replaced it.

3: Some things are worth keeping. If it’s super sentimental, go ahead. Limit this to only a few items. I have a problem with hoarding free t-shirts. Seriously, I will never wear these. I’ve started using them to stuff my boots and bags during off seasons. My bags keep their shape, and I get to keep my hideous t-shirt collection.

4: Don’t throw them away. Try consigning your clothes, or even better, donating. There is nothing more tragic than throwing away excess when somebody else in your city struggles with not having enough.

5: When you put your clothes back in your closet, put the clothes hanger backwards. Next time you go through your stash of clothes, it will be easy to spot what clothes you never wear.

Functional Decor

One of the hardest parts of decorating a small apartment is deciding whether or not those knickknacks are worth taking up precious square footage in your apartment. The best way to tackle tiny-home decor is to make sure you pick pieces that are functional.
Everything in a small space should serve a purpose. My favorite functional decorations are candles and reed diffusers: They take up minimal space and cover up the stuffy smell of apartments without enough windows. Pretty clocks, decorative storage, and throw pillows are great functional decor too.
I’ve picked six of my favorite useful, affordable decorations for inspiration.Functional Decor
Functional Decor by Hilary Abrahamson
1. Turquoise Wall Clock from Target, $28: A colorful clock can brighten up your wall without wasting much-need, but under-utilized space. Other great things to put on the wall are coat hooks, magazine racks, and mirrors.
2. H&M Hotel Candle, $5.95: Pick something with a great scent and a decorative look to make the most of these small items.
3. House Tissue Box Cover from Urban Outfitters, $8: I don’t think tissue box designs have had a significant upgrade since I was in elementary school. Tissue box covers are a great way to disguise floral-print cardboard without taking up any unnecessary space.
4. Astrological Jewelry Stand from Urban Outffiters, $20: I have this jewelry stand and it’s one of my favorite pieces. It has the macabre vibe I like, and it keeps my rings from being scattered all over my dresser.
5. H&M Ceramic Jar, $12.95: Storage jars are always useful to hide away little items like receipts, safety pins, coupons, what have you.
6. Skull Bank from Urban Outfitters, $24: I want this skull bank SO bad. Right now I’m keeping my laundry quarters in a glass jar on a shelf. This stylish might help me forget about how much I hate community laundry.